What Type of Transport Do You Need?

Deciding what car transport to use, whether it’s a trailer or truck is a matter of your time line, budget, and general concern of your vehicle being exposed to the elements. When choosing which transport you need for your vehicle, consult with your transport company. They can advise you on what type of towing vehicle is ideal for your car, and if they offer that type. Take a look at some examples of transport options below, to get a better idea of your transport needs.

Open Transport

One of the two main types of transport options is an open trailer or ‘open transport’. Open transport means that your vehicle will be out on an open trailer, while on an open trailer it will be exposed to the elements. This method of transport is the most common, and the cheapest.

Closed Transport

Closed transport is the other main type of transport. Closed transport, or enclosed transport, carries your vehicle with the most protection available. Your car will be kept away from outside elements, including weather and road debris. This type of transport may be more expensive than an open trailer, but if you’re shipping an antique or expensive car, you may want to consider spending the extra money for security and peace of mind.

Trailer Types for Auto Transport Service

Multi-Car Tractor Trailer / Double-Level Tractor Trailer

Multi-Car tractor trailers are a type of open transport, and are usually the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. This option is usually slower, and do have a hard time navigating residential areas due to the amount of cars attached to the trailer. You may need to meet your driver in an open area such as a parking lot, to load and unload your car.

Make sure you communicate with your transport company to find out what type of service and trailer is best for your vehicle. If you’re ready to ship your car, call us at Auto Transport 123 for a free quote, and get started on your auto transport with the professionals!

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