Port to Port
Port to Port service means we will provide ocean transportation services for you. You will get your vehicle, household goods, or freight to our terminal location, we will prepare your shipment for ocean transportation, and ship it to its destination terminal. Once the shipment arrives at the destination terminal, you will be notified to pick it up.

Door to Port
Door to Port service means we will load the goods at origin and transport the goods to the destination port. You will be responsible for collecting your goods at the destination port and arranging delivery to the final destination address.

Port to Door
Port to Door service means you will get the goods to the origin port or terminal and we transport the goods to the destination address. Once the shipment arrives at the destination port, we will arrange for trucking to the final destination.

Door to Door
What this service means is that we will pick up your items at your specified location, and ship the item to your destination address. It means you don’t have to come to us, we come to you and get the shipping done. For goods that need to be shipped to Hawaii, we can deliver them to you as close as possible. Depending on the road and street conditions, we can deliver into your garage if you are shipping less than a full container. In situations that you are shipping a full container we will deliver the container to your house as close as possible while considering the safety of the goods. And in certain situations that you may need to rent a small vehicle to transport to your house, this may incur an extra fee.

If unloading into the various rooms is necessary, we can arrange for this service as well.

This is a full service move from start to finish with minimal requirements on your part.

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