Ultimate Transport Shipping Process

The primary shipping agreement will be sent via mail, fax or email as soon as you have consented to our price quote for transporting your vehicle. It’s paramount you sign this and return to us. Your deposit as a certified check, credit card or money order will also be requested for. Our order form with our terms and conditions can also be downloaded online.

The car will be picked up and inspected by the driver for any current and present damage. A copy of the inspection report will be given by the driver to the one assigned to release the car. Afterwards, your vehicle will be loaded for transportation. Additional cars scheduled to also move will be loaded by the driver at different stops.

Having received the signed agreement and deposit requested for, a schedule will be prepared for your cars transport.

Within 24 hours of delivery, you will receive a call from the driver to set up a time for delivery.

After a transporter has been allocated, the driver will reach out to the person at the origin for a scheduled time for pick up.

Once the car has been delivered, you have the responsibility of inspecting the car and noting down any preexisting damages. Your observations should be listed upon pick up and signed by anyone with the authority to release your car. Also, take note of damages excluded in the bill of lading before signing the form. In a situation of damage, contact #1 Ultimatetransport  LLC, and you will be advised on your claim. Where the entire transport fee hasn’t been completed, then the balance should be paid to the driver only in the form of a verified check or cash.

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