What to Expect During Your Auto Pickup and Delivery

In the auto transport industry, it’s difficult to guarantee specific pickup and delivery times. There’s always potential issues that cannot be controlled like traffic, or breakdowns, and other issues that can cause delays. Practice patience and stay communicated with your vehicle transporter throughout the process. Remember to choose an easily accessible meeting point that both you and your carrier can get to, whether it be a close by parking lot or somewhere in the streets of your area. If you can’t be there to release your vehicle into the transporter’s care, choose a trustworthy representative that can handle the task for you.

When Your Vehicle is Picked Up

Before you meet your transporter, be sure the transporting company you choose has all the necessary documents including signed contracts, payment information, and contact information. If you have last minute questions about the shipping process, ask your driver. Be sure your car is fully prepared according to the companies guidelines when the transporter arrives. If your car has any issues this would be a good time to remind your driver of them, you should have already told the company about any issues as well. The transporter will inspect your vehicle, be prepared to review the driver’s Bill of Lading, which details their inspection of the vehicle. This document will be signed at both origin and destination.

What To Expect at Delivered

The best way to ensure a smooth delivery is to simply be on time to meet your transporter, while this may be hard with delivery times not always being precise, try to make yourself available and close by on the day of delivery. When your vehicle arrives, take a close look and conduct another inspection, compare its current state against your records. If you can’t be there upon delivery, assign a trusted representative to inspect your car on your behalf. Keep in mind that your car will face some road debris, dust, rain, snow, etc. In addition to cosmetic damages, check the car’s undercarriage, odometer, and start the engine to check for mechanical issues.
In the unlikely event that your car has been damaged, make sure a note has been made to the Bill of Lading prior to accepting the car. If you don’t have issues upon delivery, once the car is delivered and the shipping process is complete. If you’ve had a positive experience with your service, leave the company some positive feedback!
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