Shipping a Classic Car

We understand the attachment between you and your classic car. Classic cars are more than a utilitarian item to their owners, they’re prized possessions that oftentimes have taken many years and plenty of elbow grease to repair. If you have a classic car that has suffered damage that’s made extensive repair necessary, you may need to find vehicle transport for your classic car. Whether you’re looking to move your classic to higher ground to avoid damage, or need to ship it to get it repaired, don’t stress! Auto Transport 123 takes care of your classic cars and ships them to your destination safe and sound.

What Are Your Options?

After you’ve chosen an auto transport company, you’ll need to decide whether or want you want your car to be travel in an open or enclosed trailer. While open transport is less expensive, it’s not always the better option, especially with classic cars.

Enclosed Transport

If you’re hauling a car in need of restoration, you’re better off choosing an enclosed transport, as the risk of damage is much less. Keep in mind most open trailers are not equipped with a winch for non-running vehicles, some carries may even charge excessive fees to load an inoperable vehicle. We recommend an enclosed transport when shipping classic cars, a closed transport provides extra protection from road debris, dirt, grime, weather, and other transport hazards. If you have a vintage, antique, classic, exotic, or high end vehicle, trust us, this is the best option for you.  Classic cars are special and deserve extra care, this option provides extra peace of mind and protection.
Remember, no matter what option you choose, it’s very important you understand and agree on all fees prior to your pick up date.

Read Your Terms

Many carriers are only liable for their own acts of negligence, and are not responsible for any unforeseeable acts of nature (i.e poor weather). This is why it’s very important you make sure your car is covered before you send it on it’s way. Prior to the scheduled pick up date, clean your car and take photos of it. Check your car for any pre-existing damage. Take a pictures of the outside of your car from various angles, write down any dents, scratches, chips, or other cosmetic damage you find. Date the photographs you take and verify the transport company you choose makes an official note into your personal records.

Preparing Your Classic

You may want to consider providing your shipping company with written instructions regarding anything that the person handling your vehicle should know. This would include information about the battery, fuel cut off switches, hidden switches, alarm instructions, and other tricks to starting your car. We recommend you keep your taken half full and charge the batteries to avoid any additional winching fees that could occur. Be sure your antifreeze level is okay for the climate at both ends of the trip, this will help you avoid a cracked engine block.
Choosing a reputable transporting company will help ensure your classic gets from one place to another safe, sound and within a reasonable amount of time. Call us at Auto Transport 123 for a free quote and get your classic car on schedule with the professionals!

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