You may need to observe the following information prior to your next ultimate transport ation:

  • Ensure you make available, set of keys for the auto shipping company and also have to yourself a complete set of those keys
  • Settle for an enclosed transportation if you are shipping a classic, custom, exceptional, glamorous, or otherwise luxurious vehicle. The extra cost won’t be regretted.
  • Tidy your vehicle before a deposit to guarantee your car is perfectly examined. Also ensure that there is a clear documentation of your car bodily state.
  • Be sure that your car’s battery is securely mounted and completely charged.
  • Open places in your vehicle should be examined in case of fluid leak; oil, transmission fluid etc.
  • The alarm in your car should be inactivated and detached
  • Change the oil, coolant and some other fluid in the vehicle, in preparation for a new climate
  • The car’s antenna should be detached and/or withdrawn.
  • Special things inside your automobile should be detached 
  • Ensure your gas tank is driven down to at least ¼ of the automobile
  • Your auto shipper should receive a complete set of keys which include; ignition, doors etc.
  • Garage door openers, car phones, audio equipment and other items that are not built into the vehicle should be removed.

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