Terms and Conditions

By signing this contractual agreement I hereby agree as the “customer” to accept the service which Ultimate Transport 123 provides. By signing I also accept responsibility that I am the registered legal owner of the vehicle(s) and I have authority to enter into this agreement. Otherwise that I have been duly authorized by the legal owner of the vehicles(s) to enter into this agreement.

I will pay Ultimate Transport 123 the reservation fee for the services agreed to herein so they are able to reserve a spot on a carrier. Your reservation will not be charged until the vehicle is dispatched on to our carrier. I further understand that the “Balance Due” as described herein is the balance that must be paid in full by money order, cashier check, or cash at the time of delivery to the authorized transporter. All orders must be canceled in writing and delivered by U.S. registered, or certified mail return receipt requested by Ultimate Transport 123. Reservations are fully refundable at any time if we do not perform our services after 10 business days. I further understand that there may be times that we may have to broker out service to a certified, fully insured carrier. In that event we will not be responsible for any negligence on the part of the actual transporter for these routes. Fuel surcharge may vary in certain areas. 

If an order is canceled due to something out of Ultimate Transport 123’s control., there will be a $100, non-refundable processing fee. Any cancellations which is listed/posted on competitors load boards within 7 business day of cancellation will be therefore voided and deemed non refundable. If paid in full on major credit card there will be a 4% processing fee and the order will be non refundable or non disputable at anytime. All pick up and delivery dates and times are only estimates. Ultimate Transport 123 will not be held responsible for any natural disasters, acts of mother nature, or any other incidents out of our control.

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