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General Auto Transport
To insure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle transport we specialize in single truck auto transport. We have designed this method to keep the vehicle on one truck throughout the entire transport this way there is no time wasted or chance for potential damages. You are guaranteed no terminal truck to truck switches, unloading before destination, or facilitating of your vehicle throughout the entire transport. Auto Transport 123 takes initiative in scheduling your transports for the most convenient times of your availability. We realize our customer have extremely busy schedules so we have strived to make our drivers as accessible as possible. We offer a zero deductible insurance policy of over $50,000 on open carrier transports. We also offer the same zero deductible insurance policy of over $1,000,000 on enclosed carrier transports. Our newest feature is the Advanced Auto Tracking system. You can now track your vehicle’s location at any time throughout its transportation. This new feature was designed to make you our customer feel at ease while your vehicle is in route.

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