Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Winter weather can be hard on your car. There’s no hassle quite as frustrating as your car breaking down in the middle of a snowstorm. Checking on your vehicle’s overall health and preparing it for the worst will ensure that your winter driving will be free from mishap!

Follow our winter car maintenance tips below:


Check Your Car Battery

Cold weather can be really tough on car batteries, so your first order of business should be to check on your battery’s overall health and to ensure its charging system is sufficiently operating.


Replace Your Antifreeze

It’s important to clean, flush, and put new antifreeze into your car’s cooling system every couple of years, but it’s especially crucial if you’re expecting a harsh winter that could be hard on your engine. We recommend using an antifreeze solution that is based on HOAT. If you’re wondering what is hoat coolant, HOAT is a combination of OAT and IAT, and provides better protection over longer distances.


Make Sure Your Heaters, Defrosters, and Windshield Wipers Work

It is vital that your car windows are clear of winter debris when you are driving, so make sure your heaters, defrosters, and wipers are all functioning properly. You may want to consider wiper blades that are specifically designed for winter use, as well as cold-weather washer fluid.


Check Your Tires

Be sure to look at the depth of the tread in your tires, as well as the tire pressure. If snow and ice look like they might be a problem this year, it’s a safe bet to invest in snow chains for your tires so that traction is better on slippery roads.


Have Your Brakes Checked

The health of your brakes can be negatively affected in colder weather, so be sure to have them inspected before the weather turns too bad.


Make Sure Your Lights Are Working

It’s very important that your interior and exterior lights are properly functioning and aimed. Foggy, cloudy, and snowy conditions can really mess with your vision as a driver, so your lights are very important!
We hope you found these tips helpful! Let us know what other winter car maintenance tasks you do to ensure your vehicle drives smooth all winter. Remember, if you need to ship your vehicle, call us at Ultimate Transport 123!

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