Things to Remember If Your Car Breaks Down

We’ve all been there, one minute you’re driving along the interstate, the next your call stall. If you’ve been in this situation, you know it’s one of the worst feelings. Wondering what the cause could be, how much it’ll cost, and how long it will take are all questions that go through our minds. This dilemma afflicts many road trip drivers around the country. If it should ever happen to you, there are things you’ll wish you had done to be prepared.
Here are a few words of advice and a bit of knowledge surrounding what you can do to prepare for the event of a car breakdown on the road.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Trips

We recommend having Triple A for anyone who frequently drives long distances and often visits other states. If you don’t have Trippe A here are some suggestions on what to do:

  • Do the preventative work needed to keep your car running. Things like getting a tune-up, changing and topping off fluids.
  • Keep and eye on your tires, including rotating, aligning and inflating tires as part of your routine before going on a long road trip. Ignoring warning sounds and signals that cars give drivers, and lack of battery maintenance.

When Your Car Breaks Down

We suggest drivers slowly release their foot from gas pedal and carefully make your way to the shoulder of the road if their vehicle stalls out while on the road. Once off the road, make your car visible, put reflectorized triangles behind your vehicle to alert other drivers, use your hazards if you do not have these. If it is dark, turn on the interior dome light, do not get out of your vehicle as cars will still be driving highway speeds.

If you have vehicle assistance, call them immediately and let them know your location, if you do not you can call 411 and the local law enforcement will come to assist you. More importantly, do not try to flag down other vehicles!

Keep these simple tips in mind when driving long distances. Remember to take care of your vehicle, keeping your car properly maintained will ensure a smooth ride. Of course if you’re moving or need your car shipped to a new destination but don’t feel comfortable driving your car a long distance, call us at Auto Transport 123 for a hassle free auto transport!

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