Snowbird Service

Do you ship your vehicle more than one time a year? Wouldn’t it be easy to have a company deal with the car going back and forth?

This is the service for you! We would love to make you addition to our snowbird family.

Don’t take the risk of having a long, expensive, grueling drive to your other home or condo. Why pay somebody to drive your car to Florida, Arizona, or California while they put the wear and tear on your car and charge you to do so? We offer a door service where no mileage is put onto your car and it is safely delivered on time. We take special care and priority on customers traveling a few times a year with us. Please let us show how hassle free our transportation service is so in the future you won’t have to look again. While making your decision take companies who give you aggressively low pricing out of the equation this is usually where the complications in the transport process begin. While we price competitively we believe our service is what sets us apart from the other. We look to build long term relationship with our customers which is why we offer a discount based on times per use.

*New Group of 10 Specials Now available for huge savings!
We will send a 10 car carrier into your community to pick up your and your friends cars. If you get 10 cars we will ship the 11th for free over a $1000.00 value.
Tip # 43 Moving a Vehicle numerous times a year-
when you transport your car more than once a year consider the following-
  • Do I Want to fo with the cheapest price or the safest company?
  • Has this company made an effort to earn my long term business?
  • Is my car going to incur wear and tear or mileage increase because of the transport?

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