Price Fluctuations by Season

Many people ask us if the price to ship a vehicle changes depending on the time of the year. The answer is simply yes, the auto transport industry has its own rules for determining the cost and time it takes to ship a vehicle. While that may be frustrating, try to remember shipping cars isn’t as simple as standard package shipments (which still can be a headache). Unlike standard package shipments, which depend on size and delivery date, auto transport prices vary due to several factors. These include; weather, location, make/model, vehicle condition, vehicle weight, and season.
Take a look below to see how seasons can affect the price of your auto transport.

Seasonal Price Change

One of the major factors when determining auto transport cost, is the season. By understanding these seasonal fluctuations and how they affect auto shipping prices, you can become better prepared and plan accordingly when it comes to transporting your vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect to pay by season.

Summer Auto Transport

Fast Service & Competitive Prices

Price expectation: Fair

The summer season between late spring and early autumn is conventionally a very busy season in the auto transport industry. Summer transports usually have the best weather conditions, the roads are clear of snow, days are longer, these conditions make for a safer and faster auto transport. However, because the summer is prime time to ship a vehicle, you must schedule your transport in advanced. Schedules fill up fast, and waiting longer may mean you are unable to get your car on a trailer.

Winter Auto Transport

Longer Delivery Time & Higher Prices

Price expectation: High

The time between late fall and early spring is what we consider our winter season. During the winter season, you should expect a longer delivery time, as roads, especially in the north, are commonly covered in snow and ice that can be dangerous for drivers and cause delays.¬†Transporting cars from, to or through states such as North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Michigan and Minnesota, can be quite troublesome and at times even risky. There have been cases where unsafe road conditions have caused trucks to lose control. Delays can be caused by snowfall and severe weather and should be expected as these conditions may deter some carriers from going certain routes, the price for gas also increases as the weather conditions make the engines less-economical, some businesses may have business gas cards to cover these costs but it’s not always the case. Also, decreasing the supply of carriers in that area, and in turn increases the shipping price.

Keep these factors in mind when booking your next vehicle transport. Remember, we recommend booking your auto transport at least three to four weeks in advanced to ensure you are put on schedule for your desired shipping date. Earlier booking will assure that carriers have a sufficient amount of time to pick up your vehicle and schedule a timely route. If you’re ready to get on schedule for your next auto transport, call us at Auto Transport 123! Receive a free quote and ask any questions you may have about our auto transport process!

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