Snowbird Shipping Service

When the warm air of summer comes to an end up north, retirees from New England and Midwestern states begin planning their annual trip to Florida, where they will most likely stay until the spring. In the auto transport community these people are referred to as snowbirds, someone who is escaping the cold winter months in favor of the tropical climate that Florida maintains. If you’re one of many snowbirds, you probably are beginning to make arrangements to get your vehicle down south. Some choose to drive, but many prefer to hire an auto transport company.

Take a look at these common questions on snowbird shipping:

When Should a Snowbird Ship Their Vehicle?

Let’s use an example, say you’re arriving in Florida on the 10th of the month, and your transport service can deliver your vehicle within three days from the day it was picked up. You would want your vehicle picked up from up north around the 7th or 8th. You wouldn’t want your vehicle picked up too early, remember you don’t want your car to beat you there, especially if you have no one to sign for it.

When Should a Snowbird Book Their Auto Transport?

We advise putting your vehicle on schedule a week to two weeks prior to your desired shipping date. Snowbird season is a busy time for us in the auto transport industry, you don’t want to be placed on a later schedule and be without your vehicle for an extended amount of time once you’re down in Florida.

What if the Snowbird Leaves Home Before The Car?

It’s nearly impossible to not be inconvenienced at either end of a vehicle shipment when shipping to ones self. Usually at the origin point, there are friends and family or neighbors who would be kind enough to take 30 minutes of their day to meet a driver for you. There will be no money exchanged at that meeting, just a simple vehicle inspection and handing over the keys.

We hope you’ve found our snowbird service tips helpful when preparing to transport a vehicle down south for the winter. Remember, shipping rates change daily, and the start of winter can be one of the busiest times of the year. Don’t get shut out of a date you desire, call us at Auto Transport 123 today for a free quote and get on schedule!

*Due to hurricane Irma transporting may be delayed. Please be patient and keep those effected by the hurricane in mind.*

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