Tips for Shipping Non-Running Vehicles

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t run, you’re probably going to need some help getting it to your desired destination. Whether you’re looking to ship your non-running vehicle to a body shop, or just moving it to a new spot you’ll want to take a look at our tips for shipping non-running vehicles.

Loading Non-Running Vehicle’s

If you have a vehicle that cannot start or move under their own power, they are considered to be non-running or inoperative. You’ll most likely see some type of variant of the phrase “in-op” or “non-op” during your research into transporting your non-running vehicle. Normally vehicles being shipped are driven on and off of the transport carrier, regardless of what type it is (open, enclosed, etc.). When you have a non-running vehicle, this of course is impossible to do, so instead the vehicle will need to be loaded differently. Usually this is done with a special winch, the winch is attached to the car and slowly lifted until the car is in place, from there it will be secured to the transporter.

Will it Impact my Transport?

If you’re wondering whether or not your non-running vehicle will have an impact on your transport, it will. The issue with transporting non-running vehicles is the fact that not all carriers have a winch to lift the car in place. For this reason, you should always tell your auto transport representative that you want to ship a non-running vehicle. There will be a price difference for a non-running vehicle, usually somewhere around $100 extra. If you misrepresent your vehicle to avoid paying extra money you will most likely run into trouble as your representative will dispatch a carrier without a winch to pick up your car. Because the carrier will not be able to pick up your car and place it on the transporter, you will be charged for a wasted trip or a trip fee, your order may be cancelled and you could be charged additional inconvenience fees depending on the contract, not to mention some really aggravated drivers and representatives.

Be sure to let your auto transport representative know all of the details of your non-running vehicle that may have an impact your transport. By being prepared and giving the most accurate information to your sales representative, you should have no problems during your transport. If you’re ready to get your vehicle shipped, call us at Auto Transport 123 for a free quote, and get started on your auto transport!

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