Packing Your Trunk Before Shipping

There are many things to consider when planning on shipping your vehicle. You may need to ship your car because of a move, for repair, vacation, or other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, you’re probably going to need to put some stuff in your car (luggage, boxes, etc.). It’s very important to keep in mind that most auto transport companies will only allow a certain amount of extra weight confined to your car’s trunk.

Don’t Over Fill Your Trunk

If you’re moving you’re going to have a ton of stuff to pack up and bring to your new home. This can be especially frustrating if you don’t have a plan. Many people think that it’s okay to pack their car’s trunk with household items. Keep in mind auto transporters have to be extremely careful with how much extra weight is on their truck. If they go over the allowed weight, they may be fined by highway patrol, this is why there are weight limits set in place.

Remember, You Are Liable

Keep in mind, the auto transport company you choose to use is not responsible for any personal items that you decide to transport with your vehicle. Only the vehicle itself will be insured during the transport, we advise that you only put items that are not valuable or sentimental in your vehicle, and remember, don’t over pack it. It may be a pain knowing you can’t use the space inside your car to help tackle a load of your stuff, but it’s for the safety of your vehicle, and the other vehicles on the transporter. Make sure you read over your contracts rules and guidelines to avoid any issues or charges at the end of your transport process.

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