Shipping an SUV

Sport utility vehicles or SUV’s are one of the most popular size vehicles in the U.S. The new SUVs offer extra cargo space, towing capabilities, and extra seating, making them very popular among families. If you need to ship your SUV to a new location, or are getting a new SUV shipped to you, then you’ll need to understand a few things.

Check out our list below of what you should know before shipping your SUV:

The Bigger the Car the Bigger the Bill

SUV’s are more expensive to transport than a standard car, this is because they’re typically bigger, meaning heavier and usually taller as well. In the transport industry dimensions matter, and do make a difference. The reason why weight is a factor is because the more weight is on the back of an auto transport truck, the worse their fuel economy is.

Make sure not to misrepresent your SUV and say it’s smaller than it is, as that can end up costing you a carrier if they don’t have the ability to ship something that large.

To give you a more precise idea of the cost of shipping an SUV between two points in the U.S., here are some recent prices we’ve quoted customers. We encourage readers to contact us if you’d like a current cost estimate to consider that is tailored to your specific request.

SUV Shipping Prices

To better help you estimate the cost of shipping your SUV, we’re made a list of some recent quotes:

  • Chicago, IL to San Diego, CA – $1,200
  • Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA – $1,150
  • Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA – $1,000
  • Indianapolis, IN to Denver, CO – $800
  • Nashville, TX to Portland, OR – $1,200
  • Minneapolis, MN to Jacksonville, FL – $800
  • Pittsburgh, PA to Salt Lake City, UT – $1,075
  • Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA – $1,500

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