Moving Cross Country? Don’t Forget Your Car

Are you getting ready to move cross country? If so, you’ve probably considered how you will get all of your belongings from your old home to the next, many people often come to a standstill when figuring out what to do with their vehicles. Of course you’ll need your car, so what’s the easiest way to get your car to your new home? Consider shipping it! Before you can ship your car to your new home, you’ll want to make sure you have the following done.

Here’s a short list of things to remember before your move regarding your vehicle:

Updated License, Registration and Vehicle Insurance

Having an updated license with your new address, registration and vehicle insurance is very important. Keep in mind there may be deadlines as to when you need to update your license. When updating your registration, check to see if you can receive a partial refund if you won’t be a resident for the full year you’ve paid for. This should be done after you’ve registered your vehicle in your new state, remember the amount of time needed to transfer your registration from state to state varies, so give yourself enough time to get this task done. Your vehicle should also be properly insured, try to keep in mind the coverage you have now may not carry over in another state, make sure you contact your insurance company to update your information and check for proper coverage.

State Laws and Regulations for Vehicles

What may have be permitted in your previous state, may be against the law in another. For example, if you have dark tinted windows to keep the sun out you may have to get them taken off if you’re moving to a place like New York. In some states, your from windows must allow more than 70% of light through the tint, while other states like Arizona permit these dark tints. Some California counties also has a specific vehicle emission inspection laws in place for smog regulation, and is done as part of your vehicle’s registration. There are many more laws and regulations in place that vary from state to state, so be sure to check if you’re car meets the requirements before your move.

Maintenance for Your Vehicle

The climate can effect the amount of maintenance your vehicle will need. For instance, if you’re moving from a colder, more northern area of the country to a warmer, drier southern state you may want to check your tires and cooling system. If you find your tires or hose a little weather-worn, or not properly working, you may have some problems when you move to a warmer state. If you are moving to a climate with a  difference of 60 degrees or more, there is going to be more pressure put on your vehicle, particularly the rubber parts. If you have a worn hose, it could burst in the warmer temperatures, the same goes for your tires.
If you’re moving from the south to the north, you should also check your antifreeze levels. You probably weren’t as worries about your car engine locking up due to cold temperatures, but in colder states, antifreeze is essential to a well running vehicle, especially in the late fall and winter months.
We understand moving can be hectic, but the list above is important to get to even though they can be easy to forget. Having a plan and following it helps, not only with getting your home packed away, but ensuring the move itself goes smooth and your transition to your new home is as simple as possible. Remember, if you need help relocating your vehicle, call us at Auto Transport 123! Call today for a free quote, let us know when you need your vehicle shipped and where and see how we can make shipping your vehicle the easiest part of your move!

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