Auto Transport vs Driving Yourself?

We hear this question quite often, “Will the cost of an auto transport be more or less than driving it myself?”. While prices can be intimidating, chances are you haven’t truly broken down what the cost would be if you drove your vehicle to its destination yourself. If you think about it, if driving your car to its destination was the more convenient and affordable option, you wouldn’t be looking for our help in the first place.

Take a look at our breakdown on what you would spend driving your car across the U.S.

Driving Your Car Across the U.S

This example will show what the cost of driving your car from California to Maryland.

  • The distance from California to Maryland is more than 3,000 miles
  • Consider the amount of miles you already have on your car, do you want to add an additional 3,000?
  • Driving this distance would take approximately 56 hours and 31 minutes (2.35 days)
  • Consider the amount of time you’ll spend away from work and other responsibilities.

After considering the distance and time spent driving, you need to factor in the cost of food, hotels, and fuel, which are necessary stops along this drive. So what does it really cost to get you through this trip?

Distance of the Trip: 3,542.1 miles

  • Average MPG for a new car: 25.5 MPG
  • Average cost per gallon in US: $2.65

Total cost: $366.71

Cost of Food: Average price per dish $12.75

  • Meals a day: 3
  • Travel days: 2.35

Total cost: $89.88

Hotel Costs: Average price of hotel per night $137.00

  • Travel days: 2 nights

Total cost: $274.00

Leaving your grand total for gas, hotel visits, and food to be approximately:


Keep in mind these prices are not 100% accurate as the cost differs from state to state. However, when looking at the estimated cost and comparing it to the cost of auto transport, you’re looking at nearly double the cost, and double the headache. Remember, this does not mean that shipping your car will always cost less than $730.00, prices change depending on your vehicle type, where you’re shipping to, and how you decide to ship it. If you’re considering driving your car cross country, think twice and call us at Auto Transport 123. Call today for a free quote on your vehicle transport!

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