5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re shipping your car across state lines, or internationally, there are a number of factors you should consider to ensure a hassle free auto transport. Choosing the right auto transport company, type of trailer, and other details well before your transport will help to avoid any issues down the road. Take a look at these five common mistakes that often lead to a sour auto transport experience.

Going for Cheap

When shopping around for quotes, two companies may offer different rates. Make sure you’re aware of all the inclusions in their price quote, and be aware of hidden costs. Try to get a quote from at least four reputable auto transport companies, find out their policies and check reviews to ensure you choose the right company. Remember the lowest quote may not be the best pick, and the highest quote may not mean security, do research before committing to a contract.

Hiring a Transport Company without Research

Be sure to look into the companies you’re getting pricing from. Do they have customer reviews, are they positive reviews, are they insured and registered? You want to choose a reputable company that you can trust with your vehicle.

Not Providing Complete Documents

The auto shipping company will need certain documents when transporting a car. You should provide the company with a certification of insurance and vehicle registration. Keep copies of these documents so you can show the essential documents in case your vehicle is damaged, goes missing, or the company misplaces the original documents.

Ignoring Insurance Coverage

Transport companies should have insurance that covers any damage to the vehicle during the move. Ask the company about their insurance coverage, and the exact amount of cover your vehicle will have in transit. If you feel the amount is not sufficient you may ask the company to increase it by paying an additional fee.

Shipping with Belongings

Keeping excess belongings inside your car may get you penalized. Auto shipping companies cannot transport vehicles over a certain amount of weight. There’s a provision of carrying up to 100 lbs of personal belongings in the car, transport companies do not usually accept responsibility of these extra items. Even with insurance, if your items are damaged, lost, stolen they will not be covered. Keep in mind, the transport vehicle will need to pass the department of transportation’s checks, they also have the right to seize all belongings if the weight exceeds 100 lbs.
Remember to make sure that you plan your transport in advanced so there are no issues or misunderstandings. Always research the auto transport company you choose, and discuss the points above for a smooth shipping experience. If you have any questions regarding shipping a vehicle, call us at Auto Transport 123!

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