Shipping a Car to College

Each year more and more students are traveling further away from home to go to college. Because there are so many students who need to safely transport their vehicle to their new homes, shipping a car to college has become a very popular thing for people to do. Some colleges are just too far to drive to, parents may have to let go of their children, but it doesn’t mean they want to give up their safety and have them drive cross country.
The rising cost of gas and headache of driving your vehicle through foreign cities isn’t exactly an easy process for an already stressed out college student. Take a look at some transporting tips for college students, and consider calling us to get your vehicle to your destination safe and sound!

Look into the Transporting Company

Many auto transporters are small operators that may not always have the necessary permits and insurance to ship cars nationwide. If you use an unreputable company you run the risk of not being covered by the regulations that govern the industry.

Be sure to ask the following questions before booking with any company:

  • Will my vehicle be covered under insurance?
  • What happens if it is damaged during the transport?
  • Are the pick up and delivery dates guaranteed?

Don’t be afraid of asking questions, being better prepared will ensure a smooth transport.

College is Costly

Price may be another deal breaker for you and your student, as the cost of college is already high, we know you’ll want to save money wherever you can. However you may want to keep this tip in mind, if a price seems to good to be true, it usually is. This means that when you’re calling around getting prices from various companies, you should be looking at the median price that offers the best safety features and quality customer service. Be sure to read the fine print before you sign yourself up for a transport, what may seem like a cheap car transport quote can quickly lead to a ton of expensive issues that you hadn’t planned for.

Getting on Schedule

As the need for college car transporting grows, it becomes harder to book. Many families prepare for months to send their child off to college, preparing for their vehicle to make it down with them may take just as long. Normally we like to recommend booking at least a month in advanced, for college students you may want to get on schedule as early as possible to ensure an on time delivery. You wouldn’t want to be stuck home without your car, unable to get to work, so don’t let it happen to your student, since their classes aren’t free.
If you’re ready to get on schedule for a college car transport, call us at Auto Transport 123 today! Call now and receive a free quote, ask our top of the line project managers any questions you may have. We guarantee your vehicle’s transport process will be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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