3 Reasons to Ship Your Interstate Car

Have you recently bought a car from another state, whether you bought it online, inherited one, or just found a great deal you couldn’t pass up, getting your new vehicle to your location can be a process you’d rather not deal with. Many people do choose the option of driving their new car themselves, however this is both costly and time consuming, not to mention it also puts your car at risk of damage during travel. To avoid the headache, consider transporting your vehicle.
Take a look at these three reasons why you should choose auto shipping for your interstate car purchase:


Consider this, the drive from New York to Las Angeles is over 2800 miles, and can take about 42 hours of straight driving to complete the trip. Driving the car yourself would not only mean multiple hotel stops, but a trip to an airport to get yourself to the vehicle first, fuel and food stops, and possible car issues that can cause delays. All of that sounds like a hassle, but with an auto transport your vehicle can be delivered right to your driveway, all you have to do is call and set it up!

Car Condition

You just became the owner of a new vehicle, why would you want to add mileage and expose it to potential wear and tear. During your road trip, your car will be exposed to dirt, debris, and potentially unfavorable weather. Auto transport safely transports your vehicle allowing you to relax and not have to worry about potential damage.

Costs of Transport vs Driving Yourself

As previously discussed, driving your new car through various states can add up both in time and money. Between fuel, food, and hotel accommodations, your quick trip can turn into a costly one. Auto transport offers you a competitive and affordable vehicle transport, all you need to do is call in, request a quote and provide a few details. Then sit back and relax while your vehicle is picked up and dropped off right to you!

We hope this post has helped you, remember choose the best auto transporter for your next interstate car transaction. Call us today at Auto Transport 123 for an affordable, convenient, quality service transport!

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