Tips on Transporting Your Boat

While some may think transporting a boat is a difficult task, with proper preparation, shipping a boat can be a very simple process. One may think that shipping a boat is similar to shipping a car, however there are a few unique differences. Take a look at our guide to boat transport and get yourself better prepared for your boat transport!

Find the Right Trailer

When looking for the right transport service to ship your boat, you’ll also need to figure out the right trailer for the job. Make sure you communicate with your project manager and let them know how you want your boat to be transported. They will provide you options on which trailers are available for your boat transport, remember you can have it on its own trailer, but most companies will be able to provide one for you. Keep in mind the price will be affected by how you choose to transport your boat.

Your Own Trailer 

If you would prefer to use your own trailer or cradle, you must take full responsibility of any damage or mishaps that may occur as a result of your trailer not being fit for transport. Make sure you inspect your trailer thoroughly, be sure the devices, lights, and tires are secure. If you have a wooden boat, we suggest it be transported in its own custom cradle, as these are made to spread the boat’s weight properly.

The Carrier’s Trailer

If you plan on using on of the transporter’s boat trailers, be sure to discuss any specific details they may need you to comply with. Provide your transporter with accurate dimensions of your boat and any other important details they should make note of. The transporter will also inform you about the process of loading and unloading your boat. Do some research and become better informed about the different options of boat trailers there are, as you may end up choosing one company based on the boat trailer transport they offer over the other.

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

Once you’ve found the right transport company to ship your boat, you’ll need to prepare your boat for shipment. Be sure to secure any loose items and take precautions to avoid any damage that may occur during travel. Consider having your boat wrapped to avoid any debris or weather damaging the inside and outside of your boat. You may want to consult your preferred marina or boat yard for specific questions on how to prepare your boat for a safe transport. Before you hand over your boat to the transporter, make sure you’ve worked out all of the details and know what to expect.

You can rest assured that if you take the time to prepare your boat and communicate with your project manager, your boat will arrive safe and sound at its new destination. It may be nerve wracking shipping your boat, but the experts at Auto Transport 123 will get the job done with no hassle, our transport process is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Call us today for a free quote and get your boat on schedule with us!

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