4 Mistakes to Avoid when Transporting Your Vehicle

At Auto Transport 123, we’ve seen a number of mistakes customers repeatedly make when shipping their vehicles. To help our past, and future customers have a better transport experience we’ve made a list of mistakes you’ll want to avoid when transporting. Take a look below and get better educated with the transporting process.

Giving Your Phone Number Out

You’ll want to avoid sites that advertise a “10 quotes in a minute” or “Compare 10 quotes”. It may sound like a great deal, but in reality this means you’ll be getting calls from several companies hoping to book the job. After several days of calls, you’ll be wishing you didn’t give your phone number out. To avoid this it’s better to call in for a quote yourself, feel free to call us today for a free quote!

Believing Quotes for $300 or Less

Like the saying goes “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is” is especially true in the auto transport industry. Many companies will say anything to get your business, but end up leaving you disappointed when they don’t deliver, both literally or figuratively. When the time comes, they’ll either require more money to get your vehicle shipped, or have you wait endlessly to ship your vehicle for the promised rate, which may never happen. It typically will cost somewhere around $1,500 to ship a car cross country, be leery of anyone promising significantly less than these rates.

Trusting a Certain Pickup Date

If you speak with someone who is guaranteeing they can pick up your vehicle on a specific nearby date for no extra cost, is lying and simply telling you what you want to hear in order to get your business. Sometimes you may get lucky and get your vehicle picked up on the promised date, but there’s no way to guarantee a set time when placing an order. Be especially cautious if they guarantee a same day date, with such short notice there is a very unlikely chance their guaranteed date will be fulfilled.

Not Marking Damage at Delivery

While transporters try their best to make it to their destination safe and sound, accidents do happen. All damages should be fully covered by insurance, to ensure you’re protected further, it’s important to mark any and all existing damage on the “Bill of Lading”, and again at the point of pickup to mark any new damage that may have occurred in transit. Properly marking and signing the Bill of Lading will make any claim process much smoother.

Now that you’ve looked over some of the most common mistakes customers make when transporting their vehicle, you’ll be better prepared for the process! Transporting your vehicle may not seem easy, but with proper planning and preparation your auto transport process should be as simple as 1, 2, 3! If you’re ready to get on schedule or have questions regarding our transporting process, give us a call!

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